Thursday, December 25, 2008

NV (2004) Vouette et Sorbee, Cuvée Blanc d'Argile, Champagne

(Disg.: 20/12-2006)

If this continues I will have to rename my blog to Mad about Champagne. This is the microscopically Champagne producer Voette et Sorbee, which is not easy to get hold of here in Denmark. It’s been some time since I tasted wines from this producer and this is the first time with the Blanc d'Argile. I have tried the 100% Pinot Noir wine; “Fidéle” and The “Rosé Saignée de Sorbée”. On both occasions I found the wines lacking somewhat in juiciness. However that was then and this is now – and I am now far better experienced with small biodynamic producers and I don’t get so spooked anymore. Also, as this the brilliant blogger; Peter Liem points out; the wines from Vouette et Sorbee requires some time in the bottle. Let’s return to the wine which I found utterly charming. It’s a flower bomb, with intense freshly pressed apple juice, but still with a very fragile and elegant personality, which certainly draws parallels to Chablis. To stay on the Chablis path – the oak or should I say mineral smoke is just fabulous and here again, it’s brilliantly how subtle this note is. The acidity is also stunning – precise, fragile and pure – just how I like it and very food friendly. Immensely and delicate drinking pleasure once again – Champagne is killing me.


Since this note – I am once again down with a heavy flu and cold. Not the best X-mas one could wish for.

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