Thursday, July 30, 2009

2004 Keller Riesling GG "Hubacker", Germany

Couldn’t find a picture – so with the courtesy from Martin Barz – here is his picture of the wine label.

I don’t think I have tasted a 2004 German Riesling that I didn’t like and even in Champagne I find the 2004’s I have tasted incredible appealing. 2004 “Hubacker” is really mouth coating, dynamic and a lush Riesling. Still made in Keller’s precise style, but offering a lot more broad appealing juiciness. It’s labeled in the section of wines where you feel like drinking the whole bottle in one go. For sure – the big boys from Keller; G-Max, Abtserde and Morstein show even more laser cut lines, but my autopilot was set on “feet up and sunset”, so I had a big smile painted on my face. Man I liked it.

Tasted July-2009


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Hubacker is always a "drinking wine not a thinking wine". I am remembering that Dennis served a terrific 05 Magnum last february in Copenhagen. I confess, I was thinking drinking the whole Magnum alone such great drinking pleasure this Riesling offered.

Someone perfectly said it is a "barockes Lustmonster".......

Martin from Berlin

Anonymous said...

P.S. 2004 is one of the greatest vintage at the estate Keller together with 02, 07 and maybe also 08.

Thomas said...

Hi Martin,

Indeed a terrific wine. And unfortunately I just realized it was my last bottle ;-(.

Take care.


Dennis Hansen said...

Like this :-) Have fortunately a lot of bt of both Kirchspiel and Hubacker from 2004 :-)

Thomas - I am looking forward to see the pictures from the new fish resturant i Copenhagen.

I saw your comments on Snakvin :-)

I hope everything a going you well!

Best regards,


Thomas said...

Hi Dennis,

Sorry – no pictures.

When I am out with the wife, I just relax and don’t take pictures ;-)

I am great – turning ’40 shortly ;-(.

Hope you are doing well too.

Best from,