Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New kid on the block

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NV (2007) TH & V Demarne-Frison “Goustan”

Blend: Well some say Pinot Noir – other says equal parts of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir – I am not sure.
Dosage: 0 g/l
Other: We are in Aube again; Ville-sur-Arce, which is only 5 min away from Vouette et Sorbée and 10km north-east from Cédric Bouchard. It’s also a Biodynamic Champagne producer.
Glass: Spiegelau Adina Red Wine / Water goblet

The initials on the label stands for Thierry Demarne and his wife Valerie Frison, which for some time have been producing Champagne, but sold their juice to a cooperative. This Champagne and a second cuvée called “Lalore” only available in magnum in Denmark (100% Chardonnay and also Brut Nature) are their debut releases under their own name.

There is always something exiting about tasting a new Champagne producer as you not only see a new label, but also use your preferences and experiences to fit that producer into the big puzzle of Champagnes multifaceted diversity. Each time it happens and especially when it happens from a grower, which tells a new terroir story, I think we have all gained something. Of course the game here has little relevance if the quality of the Champagne is not good. So let’s see what was inside the “Goustan”.

Already at first nosedive I saw the first indications of something that always makes me happy. It’s energy and lots of it, from a driving force of yellow fruit (in Denmark we call them moreller, which is kind of a yellow cherry), apples, pear, citrus and a vivid sensorial sweetness, which took the path of subtle vanilla aromas. Taste is anchoring the bouquet beautifully and on top it has so much mineral bite and life.

I have now tasted it twice and all together it’s one hell of a frisky and pure Champagne which is even selling at an extremely fair price. I strongly recommend you to look for this Champagne and I am really eager to taste the cuvée “Lalore” anytime soon.


Bouzy said...

Moreller is "morello" in english :)

Thomas said...

Thank you, Bouzy...cool site you have, I will have a closer look.

Best from,

Bouzy said...

Thanks, will definitely check out those stores while in Copenhagen next time!

Will also try to taste TH & V sometime soon.

Thomas said...

Most welcome ;-).

Etienne said...


are both cuvees only made in msgnum.
or 1 in bottle and 1 in magnum?


Thomas said...

Hi Etienne,

Goustan, which I have tasted are from a 0,75cl bottle - the Bdb "Lalora" are only available in magnum to my knowledge.

Best from,

Anonymous said...

In Denmark Lalore is only available in magnums. Elsewhere it can be found in the pityful small bottles some people call normal.

Eurocentric said...

Goustan is definitely 50-50 chardonnay and pinot, fermented in barriques, no battonage, no filtering, no fining but a little sulphur added.