Sunday, October 16, 2011

2005 Bernard Van Berg “La Rose”

(Amazing October light – almost no post-production done to the image)

Blend: 100% Pinot Noir
Location: Burgundy, Meursault
Production: Very small, think around 4-500 bottles.
Other: You can find more information here
Glass: Zalto Burgundy

You might remember I have tasted 2 other wines from Bernard Van Berg and maybe you remember his 2007 Rosé (TN here), which I absolutely adored. As you can see, the front labels are identical; it’s only the back label, which will tell you which vineyard it’s made from. To make a bit more confusion – the vineyard of “La Rose” is sometimes made in either red or rosé.

Luxurious is a descriptor I would use with caution when positively describing a wine, as it can quickly catch a somewhat tacky feel to it. Yet this wine IS really luxurious and I can guarantee you there is nothing negative about this wine.

It opens with gorgeous fruity appeal with cherries and raspberry perfumes, wrapped in a gently plum feeling. I normally don’t like the association to plums, as it’s the path to alcohol, but this is not the case here. In fact the plums works together with its herbal patters and they are equal subtle toned and forms into a deeper foundation of it’s complexity spectrum. The taste is unbelievable adorable – elastic structure, sexy, luxurious and with such a graceful feeling. You might raise an eyebrow towards this fruity and luxurious style making it a fraction polished. However, when the drinking pleasure is this awarding I have to surrender.

Fantastic wine.

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