Thursday, September 25, 2008

1995 Tsarine, Mellésime, Champagne

So Snoop Dog and P. Diddy drink the gold hula hula Cristal and if to design a Champagne bottle for Barry Manilow and Liberace (God rest his soul), I guess the flashy Russian looking bottle from Tsarine would be it. Luckily the inside is better looking than the outside. Tsarine is bar far not elegant not is it mineral attached, but it’s quit rich and bold with deep lush notes of walnuts, dark bread, vanilla and a lot of yeast autolysis. The taste is soft, rich in flavours, but a bit too short, with lacking bite at the end. Overall I would have to say, that it’s still an easy sit back and enjoy Champagne. Thank you for the bottle, Anders.


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