Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1997 Le Macchiole, Messorio, Tuscany, Italy

"Messorio". What can I say..flawless. Second time I have tasted this wine. The rating is the same. To make a wine that has such a concentration, but yet feminine nose with a finish that last over 1 minute. Very dark color.The wine is so complex and you can sit with your nose i the glass for hours..you are in love. I kept a little portion of Messorio in one of my glasses during the whole *evening...Hypnoticed every time I returned. (100)

*During a tasting at Era Ora in October 2003

1997 Le Macchiole, Messorio, Tuscany, Italy

Flawless, perfect an unbelievable wine – the 1997 Messorio is IMHO the best Tuscan wine ever made. Cigar box / Cedar wood, chocolate, subtle sweetness with unheard complexity level. You are in love. Since I last tasted the 1997 in Aug-2005 the wine has become far more Bordeaux look-alike, but still with the Tuscan warmth. Taste is….ahhh man – outrageous it gives you goose bumps with its extremely long feminine, mineral packed finish. (100pts) - if possible more.

Messorio Vertical

Thu 14 Sep, 2006

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