Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1997 Le Macchiole, Scrio, Bolgheri, Tuscany, Italy

It’s almost 1½ year since I tasted the ’97 Scrio. The wine has developed nicely and the nose is far from shy now. Plum, vanilla, many complex layers and these fantastic Le Macchiole Tuscan herbs – from here I almost forgot to take further notes, just enjoyed it and finished my glass very quickly. Taste is awesome – high intensity and immediately setting its footsteps on the front part of the mouth – youthful, but slowly more velvet when pushing further back in the closing and leaving with the Le Macchiole mineral/herbal bite. 96

Mon 06 Mar, 2006

1997 Le Macchiole, Scrio, Tuscany, Italy

Very dark red. The nose..Hallo Scrio..no nose. Very closed. After 2 hours still tight but licorice, black currant and vanilla. The taste shows a better picture with a good balance. In the taste there is a lot of minerals which still reveals that Scrio is young. (94)

Tasted May 2003

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