Monday, November 26, 2007

1992 Le Macchiole, Paleo, Bolgheri, Tuscany, Italy

(85% CS, 10% SG, 5% CF)

Almost everyone at the table thought that this one was dead. But – we where all very positive surprised in the first nose dive. A great floral tone of light berries, blackcurrant, vanilla and a refined sweetness from a strawberry tone. Even some prunes comes forward as the wine spent more time in the glass. The taste is however with very low structure and grip. If anything it suits the wine as it’s delicate and light. There is again a tone of sweetness combined with dirt and forest in the closing of the wine. I was set to score this wine higher, but I let a tiny portion rest in my glass as it was poured directly from the bottles. The wine slowly looses concentration and dies somewhat in the glass over time, but still I was surprised by its performance (84)

Glass: Riedel Sommelier Bordeaux Grand Cru
Details: Paleo Vertical 1992-2002

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