Thursday, November 15, 2007

1996 Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque, Champagne, France

I can only confirm my first TN (93pts) on this wine...a very feminine Champagne. I served it with a small appertizer plate with fresh scollop marinated in lime, olive oil, mango, spring onions, chilli, sesame and basil. Also smoked tuna with grilled squash. A perfect marriage.

(Tasted Aug-2004)

1996 Perrier Jouet, Belle Epoque, Champagne, France

I chose Belle Epoque for its citrus, crisp and feminine style. I wanted the first Champagne of the night to get the awareness of the taste buds and match the food freshness and acidity. The Belle Epoque accomplished its mission and showed such graceful and feminine moves. Little bubble flow in the glasses, but nothing to worry about, the mousse is well integrated in the wine and regains life on the palate. Nutty flavours emerge with lemon, lime, olive oil and again fresh. Taste is delicate, light – with beautiful acidity. Still (93) for me

(Tasted Jun-2006)

1996 Perrier Jouet, Belle Epoque, Champagne, France

have drunk this Champagne many times before. Overall the 1996 are suitable for long term aging, but in the case of Belle Epoque, there a defiantly good current drinking pleasure. There is as always very little bubble flow in Belle Epoque and it’s very charming with its soft flowery appeal. There is a great note of anise with some butter, but this time I really missed the citrus aspect. The taste is creamy, but again the soft mousse of the limited bubbles flow, gives a somewhat too creamy palate bite. Every time I drink a Belle Epoque I always bare in mind the feminine appeal, but I missed some definition - an edge, which at least could give some hope for its future evolvement. I have probably drunk 9 out of my 12 bottles and the Champagne has really changed since my first glass. It’s bar far one of the most evolved ‘96s and I don’t fell confident about its future even if it’s tracking record says otherwise. Initially I scored it higher, but considering what happened later in the evening I will have to degrade it somewhat. (89)

(Tasted Dec-2006)

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