Wednesday, November 28, 2007

1996 Castello dei Rampolla, Vigna d'Alceo, Tuscany, Italy

My experience with the wines from Castello dei Rampolla tells me that they are built for long lasting. Maybe their wines have the best aging potential of all in Tuscany. But I simply had to taste this as I recently tasted the 1996 Paleo and maybe this wine had evolved some of the same charming features as the ’96 Paleo. Nope – the wine is not ready for drinking. The nose is shy, with blackcurrant, coffee beans, black fruits and you can almost feel that’s the is a tar-bath waiting for you in the taste. But – the taste is actually a little more open – Bordeaux signs, cappuccino feeling, but very tight fruit core still with a bitter finish. I re-tasted the wine on day 2 and 3 and it was still a very tight wine, but showing some more purity in the nose. I am returning again in 6-8 years time. (92+)

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