Thursday, November 15, 2007

1996 Deutz, Cuvée William Deutz Rosé, Champagne, France

I have looked very much forward to taste this highly rated champagne. As we where seven thirsty men around the table I got 2½ glass of this very young champagne. The last few drops where by far the best and I am convinced that my overall judgement would have been different if I have had the entire bottle to myself. The nose is very shy – not very charming with biscuits, fresh tuna, nuts, nutmeg and a lot of tight citrus. Holding and giving very little in the first glasses. Taste is very rustic; mousse feels rough with only few floral aromas inside. The last few drops showed more vanilla components and flower perfumes, but still restrained. Taste was overall disappointing with a somewhat short drop. Needless to say that this Champagne will improve immensely by cellaring. (91+++)

(Tasted Jul-2013)

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