Thursday, November 15, 2007

1996 Pol Roger Vintage, Champagne, France

High profiled 96' acidity, with citrus and lime bite. Not so much dark bread notes to pursue. That leaves out some for the complexity hunters, but the wines has lots of character as the acidity gives good hope for the future. Come back in 4-5 years (88+)

Tasted 26th March 2005 : Glass Juhlin

1996 Pol Roger, Vintage, Champagne, France

Lively, fresh, malt, some beer flavours. Very nice champagne that manages to combine the somewhat heavy beer/malt flavours with minerals and a crisp undertone. As with many ‘96’s it will benefit from 5-6 years of cellaring. (92+)

(Tasted Apr-2006)

1996 Pol Roger, Vintage, Champagne, France

Fireworks, citrus, flowers, breadcrumbs and overall elegant. Taste is charming with an elegant flowery style, but doesn’t bite back perfectly. The somewhat tight nose suggests that the wine has shut down since release. (91+)

(Tasted Nov-2006)

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