Monday, June 16, 2008

2004 Keller, G-Max, Germany

(Decanted two hours the day before)

I have heard the stories, seen the label, but never tasted it – before now. What I remember most about this wine, was the reaction from my good friend Claus, who – like me, has a long ongoing love affair with the Riesling grape. We both started with Alsace, but now slowly, we are both discovering the German treasures. His comment was “It doesn’t” get any better than this, when we are talking Riesling”. I couldn’t agree more. The combination of high defined mineralty and the most ravishing oily core is out of this world. You can find this mixture in other wines to, but never have it tried it with so much definition and tallness. The oiliness comes from ravishing peaches which is the thrown in to the mineral machine which keeps the wine razor sharp. The taste is mind-blowing with the minerals flying all over the palate and the oiliness forcing itself downwards on the palate with massive strengths and the oily elegance. For sure the best dry German Riesling I have tasted so far.


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