Wednesday, August 6, 2008

1964 Maison Leroy Grands-Echézeaux, Burgundy France

This wine was released from the domaine in 2004. We have to assume that it has been store under perfect conditions and I rarely ever tasted a 43 years old wine with such freshness and lively character. The first discussions took notice of its somewhat mediocre finish, but I was still amazed by the nose and couldn’t help slowly being absorbed in this ravishing wine. I would bet that if served blind we had been minimum 20 years away from guessing its age right. The nose is seriously nice – and served directly from the bottle their was no waiting at all for old scents evaporating – it was telling it’s story instantly. Strawberry, dried fruits, raspberry perfumes and a purity that is breathtaking. It actually gained more strength in the big Riedel glass and you had no concerns about it suddenly dying out. My first thoughts about the taste, where like the other tasters of concern, but I thought it had an elastic weapon making it comeback with dozes of fruit and providing a quit impressive long finish. The taste gained, like the nose - more strength with time - firmed up and provided a perfect pure flannel soft closing. (97+)


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