Wednesday, December 5, 2007

NV Jacques Selosse, Substance, Champagne, France

Intense nose with burned almonds, peanuts, caramel and influence from oak that gives it a meaty profile. On the palate it’s very lush and powerful champagne and extremely well made. But I had hoped for more finesse and sharp acidity attack. (90)

Tasted 21. February 2005. Glass : Juhlin

NV Jacques Selosse, Contraste, Champagne, France

(100% Pinot Noir) Wow! – This is so much better that Substance. It’s much better balanced with anise, mature cheese, dark bread notes and overall a very graceful Champagne. Its still Selosses’ bold style with tons of oxidized notes, but it’s so much better integrated with the fruit as it doesn’t take so much focus. The complexity and nerve in the wine is brilliant. Taste is still bold with long classic finish. I loved this (96)


NV Jacques Selosse, Contraste, Champagne, France

The last time I had this Champagne was at a BYO – also at Ensemble. At that tasting we had so much wine, so when I saw it on the wine list I really needed to test it again. Contraste is stunning. Notes of matures apples, dark bread, oxidized notes and Puccini mushrooms. Very deep and complex. The mousse is just perfect – massive foam explosion in the mouth and a dense superb long finish. (96).


NV Jacques Selosse, Contraste, Champagne, France

(Disgorged 2nd February 2005)

The best NV on the market – and unfortunately so little is allocated to Denmark every year. Price is getting heavier each time and we are now in the Krug zone. But what a Champagne - power and balance is being tested here and boy it’s working perfectly. Heavy bubble flow compared to the Belle Epoque with dark fruits, vanilla, nuts, anise and dark bread crumbs. A mental Champagne that keeps on improving for each new mouthful. (96)


NV. Selosse, Contraste
(Disgorged 2nd February 2005)

For me this is the best NV out there. Once again it was brilliant, but not as good as the last bottle I had. Maybe because it was late, but it still has the dark fruits, nuts, vanilla, anise and dark bread crumbs. The taste is bold, but very balanced. It didn’t have the same mental feeling as I experienced with the last bottle – but still great.


NV Egly-Ouriet, Les Vignes de Vrigny, Champagne, France

This a made from 100% Pinot very dark colour. Revealing roasted almonds with a very full bodied taste. Not so pure and seductive. Best with food (89-91)

Tasted November 13th. Brief thoughts.

NV Egly-Ouriet, Les Vignes de Vrigny, Champagne, France

The colour is golden yellow with a nose that I in my first TN criticized by not being pure enough, but this time no problem if you know you will not get any crisp / freshness from the chardonnay. It’ s very intimidating with burned almonds, breadcrumbs and lots of dark chocolate. Taste is full-bodied and has enough complexity for a NV. High level of drinking pleasure and at 30€ it’s a great fizz. (90)

Tasted 22. January 2005. Glass: Juhlin

NV Duval Leroy, Collection Paris, Champagne, France

Peaches, Lilly flowers and a lot of flowery perfumes in general. Very light on its toes – with fair complexity – best features is its refreshing and stylish elements. Taste is medium bodied, elegant and there is a good balance between the impression from the nose and the overall feeling. (85)

(Tasted Jan-2006)

NV Billecart-Salmon Rose, Champagne, France

Light pink/salmon colour. Fresh appeal - with flowers, apples, peanuts and hints of apricot. Ballerina light on the palate – soft and pleasurable finish. Gaining of its drinking pleasure, but not a complexity treasure (87)

Tasted 21st of July 2005. Glass: Juhlin

NV Billecart-Salmon Rosé, Champagne, France
A very delicate Champagne, with strawberry, apricot notes and light berries. Nice purity, good crispiness, fresh and a nice starter that could easily be drunk without food. However the complexity is fairly low and the mousse needs to be softer for me if to score higher. (88)

(Tasted Jan-2006)

NV Billecart-Salmon, Rosé, Champagne, France

I have to say that my eyes rolled a bit when I saw this Champagne rated 94p by TWA. On top of that my good friend, Dennis – even rated it with the same appreciative score. But there is a reason for this. My previous four encounters with this Champagne have all been from bottles than was recently disgorged. I suspect that this is and older bottle as the label design could suggest it. This Champagne is absolutely stunning and a real bargain if you can find more of this specific lot. The nose is fresh, crisp and has hints of strawberry, sea food, popcorn and apples. The mousse is soft – sexy, precise and superb mineral balance. An excellent starter that could easily been drunk with or without food. (93)

NV Billecart-Salmon, Rosé, Champagne, France

Stunning N.V. Rosé – immensely drinking pleasure and this bottle was once again from the same lot (old label), which I guess have seen 4-5 years of bottle age. Popcorn, strawberry and a clean cut nose with dominate maritime notes. With some of the first antipasti seafood serving the match was perfect and the acidity was lively and had the beautiful Billecart-Salmon elegancy. (94)

(Tasted Aug-2006)

N.v. Jacques Selosse Brut, Champagne, France

(Dg. November-2004)

I have tasted this champagne over 20 times before but this is the first time with the Juhlin glass. I don’t know- maybe I have tasted more Champagne, but it didn’t turn me on the way it used to do. Still a good N.v. with toasted bread with melted butter, almonds and potatoes. Taste is soft full-bodied with subtle oxidised appeal. (88)

Tasted 3rd of June 2005. Glass: Juhlin

N.V. Egly-Ouriet, Blanc de Noirs Vieilles Vignes Grand Cru, Champagne, France

(Dg: Jun-2004)

The wine shows signs of youth with a shy nose. Opens gradually - with rhubarb, dark bitter chocolate, bread crumbs and a touch of sage. There is a good harmonic tone in the nose, although it is lacking in the final layer of depth and complexity – the balance is there. The taste is firm and takes a firm attack on the front part of the palate and leaving a medium-bodied finale. I would have expected more from this Champagne, but I guess I will try it again in 2-3 years time (90+)

Tasted 7th of May 2005. Glass: Juhlin

N.V. Egly-Ouriet, Blanc de Noirs Vieilles Vignes Grand Cru, Champagne, France
(Dg: Dec-2005)

Champagne tends to be a palate refresher after so many red wines. In some cases it also matches a cheese plate if the style of the given Champagne is up to the task. These two factors might have benefited this Champagne as both variables were more than fulfilled. Simply great stuff and much better than my previous bottles of this (Dg-Jun 2004). Dark bitter chocolate with, dark bread crumbs, beer and corn. The intensity is awesome and the mousse just perfect. I love these 100% Pinot Noir babies with their bold profile – simply great with the cheese. (94)

1999 Diebolt Vallois, Fleur de Passion, Champagne, France

Shy nose with citrus, lemon, chalk and a burned element - like matchsticks. Taste is not showing much, but has great acidity attack and fresh appeal. A great life is probably ahead for this Champagne, but for now it's too shy and not showing enough complexity. (88++)

Tasted 9th of May 2005