Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello again

I hadn’t really planned the pause would be this long, but during the last two months, there haven’t been a real opportunity to write about wine. 

It happens that I ended the final module of a brilliant personal leadership course, which I have attended since September 2011. The day after I travelled to Thailand with my family.

For sure there were wine opportunities in Thailand, but I actually preferred a cold beer @ 36 degrees of Celsius and wine was a rather expensive thing.  When at home again my calendar was filled with work, editing some 400-holiday images and another course in London waited shortly after. I might not have told you, but I have shifted form 23 years in the financial sector – 19 years as a specialist - to the Energy sector. The transformation of being an expert to completely rookie has been very challenging, but also exiting. In between I have also been training for a relay in Rotterdam and believe me I wasn’t (still aren’t) in good shape.

So blogging haven’t been an opportunity – in fact I had a period were I didn’t even miss wine.

Yet I have tasted a few things, which I will start to write about now, but I will leave you with some images from Thailand.

Thank you for you patience and stay tuned. 

(Welcome to the Jungle)

(Pansea Beach)

(Maya Beach - Phi Phi Island)