Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello again

I hadn’t really planned the pause would be this long, but during the last two months, there haven’t been a real opportunity to write about wine. 

It happens that I ended the final module of a brilliant personal leadership course, which I have attended since September 2011. The day after I travelled to Thailand with my family.

For sure there were wine opportunities in Thailand, but I actually preferred a cold beer @ 36 degrees of Celsius and wine was a rather expensive thing.  When at home again my calendar was filled with work, editing some 400-holiday images and another course in London waited shortly after. I might not have told you, but I have shifted form 23 years in the financial sector – 19 years as a specialist - to the Energy sector. The transformation of being an expert to completely rookie has been very challenging, but also exiting. In between I have also been training for a relay in Rotterdam and believe me I wasn’t (still aren’t) in good shape.

So blogging haven’t been an opportunity – in fact I had a period were I didn’t even miss wine.

Yet I have tasted a few things, which I will start to write about now, but I will leave you with some images from Thailand.

Thank you for you patience and stay tuned. 

(Welcome to the Jungle)

(Pansea Beach)

(Maya Beach - Phi Phi Island)


Nanna Wang Carlsen said...

Why hello Mr Mad Wine - welcome back :)

Great pics - could do with a week at that beach! Looking forward to future posts.

Take care, Nanna

Juan said...

Skönt att du är påväg tillbacks!
Har saknat din blogg!

Anonymous said...

Which Thai resort is it?

Thomas said...

Thank you all.

Polskifiat said...

Great to have you back. I was missing your posts. I hope you had a good start in your new field.