Friday, October 26, 2007

1985 Salon, Champagne, France

The wine was a bit blurry in the glass as you can see from this picture The first thing that comes into mind even before tasting it was that Dennis might have brought a 1975 Champagne for starters. I guess it would be called an event guess, but clearly not the case here. The nose has elderly signs of sherry/Madera and it’s slightly alcohol disturbing. Plenty of oxidised notes with old apples, and liquorice/anis. The taste is elegant with melted butter on toast and in the finale there is a nice fresh citrus tickle. The mousse is soft and building up nicely in the mouth, but dropping a bit short on the back palate. Defiantly very charming Champagne, but lacking in definition and nerve. (93)

(Tasted November 2005)

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