Sunday, January 18, 2009

1999 Bollinger "La Grande Année", Champagne

(Deg. January 2008 – Glass Zalto)

Third time I taste this. It’s still rather youthful and flowery and I guess if tasted blind one would not easily guess Bollinger. The normal Pinot Noir style of Bollinger is here a bit restricted. Some of this, is of course excused by the young age of this Champagne, but the 1999 also holds 37% Chardonnay which is 5-7% more than usual. The first glass or two was rather shy, with citrus and flowers. In the background you had these darker berry scents (oak and spices), which never really unfolded. On one hand, these notes could be ravishing in future, but currently they are a bit disturbing for me, as I am a sucker for purity. But luckily the chardonnay – if to divide the Champagne into 2 sections, is constantly putting on weight. The flowery picture unfolds with melted butter and gives these brilliant nutty flavours. The taste is rather nice and powerful, but again affected with these “darker” notes, which is a bit disturbing. I have no doubt that there will be awarding drinking pleasure for those who have the patience to cellar 4-5 years more (I will).

Tasted 16/1-2009

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Anonymous said...

Hej Thomas

I like this champagne :-) nice quaffer. very drinkable