Thursday, August 27, 2009

Coming up:

Coming up in:


Sum-up: The rest of the wines from summer 2009 (Will take a while) -DONE
Champagne tasting @ Skaal with Benoît Tarlant
(In the making) - DONE
Bent's tasting @ Søllerød Kro. Champagne, Burgundy and others - DONE


10 Years of Selosse - Vintage Vertical @ The Paul - Cancelled
Joe's 1999 Montrachet Horizontal @ Søllerød Kro 17 of October
BYO / Warm-up @ Formel B - Mixed theme 16 of October
A possible Aldo Conterno Tasting - doubt it will be this year

Plus the Weekly wines....I am short of time, help me!!!!!!

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