Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fresh releases

(2006, Ulysse Collin new Pinot Noir)

(Raphaël Bérèche new and very limited Rosé "Instant Rosé No.1")

(Jerome Prévost new Rosé, 2007 Vintage)

Have a serious cold, but when it clears, these two are next...stay tuned as they say....ATJUUU!!!!!


Unknown said...

Hi Thomas!

We must have crossed on our way to "SKÅL" since I've also bought a bottle of Bereche, which I can't wait to taste! So let's see who gets there first :-)

Get well!

BR Morten

Thomas said...

Hi Morten,

Thank you...I am almost there..should be ready for some Champagne anytime soon.

Please let me know what you think.


M said...

Thomas -- Beautiful blog, excellent choice of subjects, and nice writing style as well. Looking forward to perusing more of your write-ups when I have some extra time.
Have a great weeekend,

Thomas said...

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your kind words.

Just looked at your own blog and stumbled on a visit you had to Osteria Le Logge in Siena – a place I have visited two times for dinner. It’s incredible nice. I adore their lamb dish, which – if I remember comes from a farm owned by the restaurant.


Anonymous said...

I met with one of the sons a few weeks ago in Stockholm. I only had a quick sip from his ultra brut... did not reveal so much, altough quality was definately there. Would really like to try the rosé.

What about Ulysse BDN? did you try it yet.


Thomas said...

Hi Andreas,

The son of Bérèche – it has to be Raphaël. Go to the “Champagne Visit 2009”, and you will see a picture of him. As I understand it, the house of Bérèche is almost divided in two. They sell under the same name, but Raphaël has started to go in his own direction (Biodynamic) and makes an entire different style. You can almost see it from the label who has made the wine– Old vs young and trendy ;-). That’s also the reason why I have written Raphaël in my TN and not “Bérèche et fils”. You got to try to find the Rosé – otherwise I will have to bring it to Stockholm.

Yes I have in fact tried the BdN from Ulysse Collin this Wednesday. I brought to a restaurant where I met with a couple of friends. It had rested all day in the in a fridge at my work and when I arrived at the restaurant we just poured it. It was extremely cold – I think only 5-6 degrees. It made it sour and the alcohol was pretty overwhelming. One of my friends compared it to a Condrieu, which was not a compliment ;-). As it warmed up it became much better, some nutty flavours came forward and the alcohol actually retracted. But then the bottle was empty ;-). I have to mark it as s little bit disappointing, but I have to taste again under more controlled circumstances. Next Champagne I will taste will be the new Rosé from Prévost.

Best from,

Thomas said...

Den kan købes her:

Bedste hilsner,

Voodoo Child said...

Ulysse great and wonderful Pinot Noir, I´m getting very fond of this grape from Aube, color(almost Rosé) , but again this velvet like wine with fruit and a grip.
Tonite I´ll drink Cedric Bouchard
Ursules *-D