Monday, April 12, 2010

A great IGT

2001 Querciabella “Camartina”

Praise towards an Italian IGT wine – can it be? Oh yes.

So why is this wine great?

The blend is not usually my favourite – (70% Cabernet / 30% Sangiovese) – as I tend to find Tuscan Cabernet Sauvignon a bit neutral – with very little complexity and mainly too much blackcurrant for my taste. Sangiovese – well…Sangiovese is just better alone, with that bright red fruit giving joy.

However – Tuscany is a place where generalization can prove to me a dangerous game.

This wine is sensational delicious. It’s utterly fresh and cool tempered and just so Italian – despite it’s grape mixture. The nose holds; leather, red fruit (yummy), lots of Tuscan herbs and so sleek and elegant. It's vibrant young and has a divine slim curl around the tongue. It can be drunk from now-2020. Brilliant stuff.


Voodoo Child said...

Glass please, I had Carnasciale (Caberlot) 2004 last night, Zalto Burgundy, a meager thin crushed green pepper juice...YAKK!
Still have some Camartina 2004 I really don´t like these wines anymore.....
I have lost my soul to fruity Fondreche....

Thomas said...

Hi Ebbe.

Sorry for the late reply - just returned from a trip to Champagne.

Zalto Bordeaux was the glass.

I have stopped buying these also, but this is really nice.

Best from,