Sunday, July 17, 2011

Use of images

(Orrefors "difference crisp" glass)

Unfortunately I have learned, that some of my images are being used in commercial sale of wine.

The images on this site have copyright status, but if you wish to use them, please contact me @

Thank you.

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TWG said...

Jim's Loire has the same problem.

I appreciate your blog, just wish more of these wines were available in the States.

Thomas said...

@ TWG - I don't mind sharing some of my images if people just as in advance or at least credit who has taken the image.

Stealing them is another matter.

Yes - I taste a lot of wines from tiny producers, but I suspect some of these will make some noise - so I hope it's just a matter of time for some of them to be available in the states.

Best from,

Klaus Silberbauer said...

I recommend Costs a few bucks (0.05 usd pr url checked) and it's slow, but it will crawl the web for plagiarism. It can't handle images, though. But for that, use Google Image search where you can drag'n'drop an image to find copies out there. We've had copyright issues on and Copyscape helped us to find the plagiarists. Some apologized and added a credit, one (a forum) we had shut down because of massive copying of Trine's posts.

Thomas said...

Hi Klaus,

Sorry to hear you have had the same issues with Trines images, but thank you so much for you advice. I will try copyspace.

Best from,

daniele said...

hej thomas

daniel berlin krog i skåne tranås bjuder in med sammarbete tillsammans med till en minivinfestival torsdag 18/8 för mer information på . önskar att du kommer, , våre en ära

mvh dainiele