Monday, October 10, 2011

2009 Noëlla Morantin "Chez Charles”

Blend: 100% Sauvignon
Location: We are in Loire; Pouillé
Vines: Really old – think 75 years
Sulphur: 1-1,5 grams per hectoliter when racking.
Winemaking: Natural Winemaker: Noëlla Morantin
Other: This is the sort of the real debut from Nöella, since she has taken over some organic farmed land from Catherine Roussel og Didier Barrouillet (Clos Roche Blanche) For more information I suggest you read this article from Wine Terroirs

Another great wine from a female winemaker – more of that please.

This is the second time I taste this wine, but it really goes down quickly, so I never really scrabbled anything the first time before the bottle was empty.

It’s a very approachable wine with all kinds of funky things going on. There is immediate intimacy of tropical fruits (mostly pineapple and mango), roses, wet hay, banana, spices, smoke and late harvest honey, which nearly forms into caramel associations – without at no point being sweet nor heavy. The wine deals with slight oxidation, which adds to this its already seducing style. Taste has a creamy feel to it – yet containing lots of air pockets for it to feel elegant. On the last meters it exhales those whet hay tones again. Lovely wine, selling at a very decent price…for now. Highly recommended.


amazing wine lover said...

Unfortunately it is not available in our country. Sad..Sigh*

Thomas said...

Bummer Sigh...but maybe you could import it ;-)