Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Don’t forget “L’Artiste”

2006, David Léclapart “L’Artiste”

Blend: 100% Chardonnay
Dosage: 0 g/l
Other: L’Artiste is made from 30-50 year old vines and aged half in enameled steel and half in barrel
Glass: Spiegelau Adina Red wine (Water Goblet)

It’s common there is a sort of ranking order in a producer’s portfolio - from an entry-level wine to a cuvée prestige. With David Léclapart the spotlight is usually on “L’Apôtre”, which is definitely appropriate – yet I have discovered – especially with the 2004 vintage, that “L’Artiste” is a Champagne which shouldn’t be forgotten.

I have already had a sneak preview on this 2006 version of “L’Artiste”, in April this year @ Terres et vins de Champagne. I was seriously impressed and my expectations were high as poured my first glass.

Deadly young – yet majestic intense already from the opening bell. There is an uncompromising raw style to this Champagne, as it floats like an eruption of soil liquid. It’s extremely energetic to witness and the soil components have a warm intense slate feeling, bringing its purity to a mind-blowing level.

It’s not a coincidence, I haven’t yet touched upon the aromatic notes of this Champagne, as I am in fact more intrigued with it’s overall character. It happens, that it’s one of those specimens, which doesn’t just let you pick a note here and there on the aromatic wheel and voilá - we have an almost finished tasting note. This is one of those wines, which has it’s own dimension and such equations, are always love for me.

But for sure, we have tight, slim and utterly pure pear juice, flowers and lots of grassy notes. The taste offers a sensational electrical treat with a slim, crystal clear taste. On the finish line it’s bites back with this raw soil attack.

The last two glasses showed signs of a more reserved Champagne, which very well could prove to be the entrance of a nearby shy phase.

Overall – spectacular Champagne, with lots of cellar potential.


Anonymous said...

Hello Thomas

Have you tasted the 2006 L'Apotre?
If so what do you think about it?


Thomas said...

Hi Stephen,

Forgive me for not having seen your question.

No - sorry, haven't tasted it yet - it's not released here in Denmark - in fact I don't think it's released at all yet.

This Saturday will taste a L'Apôtre vertical (1999-2005) - maybe a sample of 2006 will be there - not sure.

Best from,

Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas

Thanks for getting back. The L'Apotre vertical sounds amazing. Will you be posting the results?
Have a great Christmas!