Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fri Vin 2014 - Impressions

When spring arrives here in the upper part of the northern hemisphere it has an almost hypnotic-like affect. Winter is over – the hell of darkness has come to and end. Life can start again and when you fill the air with 25 degrees, blue skies there is form a madness emerging. On top - set the scene with some of the most leading, innovative bio/”Nature” winemakers play some great jazz music and serve the crowd tasty food. The result was pure bliss.  

Fri Vin 2014 was one of the best wine festivals I have ever participated in. I never attend such events to taste in great detail and take away 200 useful tasting notes. No! it’s more about inspiration. Sure I hope discover my next big wine love affair, but seeing the winemakers and just being in a place with likewise passionate people, is far more appealing to me.

There was a phenomenal atmosphere at the event. Of course helped by the weather showing the best spring setting Copenhagen can offer in late April. You also sensed the relationship among the winemakers and how they were proud to be part of something extraordinary.

I think these types of wines and their frivolous appeal showed what they are all about on such a day. The four wine importers behind the event; Petillant, Lieu-dit, Wine Wise and Rosforth & Rosforth are all aware of what these wines can do and did a very intelligent manoeuvre by illustrating the common analog character of both wine, music and food.

Big applause – Bravo!!!!.....so when is the next Fri Vin?   

Enjoy the images - they are all clickable and will open a larger and better resolution. 
(Dominik Huber)
(Stella di Campalto)
 (Olivier Horiot - Champagne)
 Evelyne Clairet  (Domaine de la Tournelle)

 (Gabrio Bini - Insane wines from  Azienda Agricola Serragghia)
 (Mark Angeli)
 (The one and only Sune Rosforth)
 (We have beautiful women here in Denmark)
(Nicolas Carmarans)
 (Ronald Regan…well almost)
 (François Saint-Lô)
 (Breathtaking Sinne Eeg - Danish Jazz vovalist)
 (More Sinne Eeg)
(Let the party begin) 
 (Frederic Cossard)
(Christian Nedergård - Mr. Ved Stranden 10 Vinhandel & Bar - owner of Copenhagen's finest beard)
(Gabrio Bini again)
(Guy Breton - Morgon)

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