Monday, February 16, 2015

Daily drinkers

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”
(John Lennon)

Wine has always been a victim of proportions. Most of my wine loving friends (including yours truly) have always measured the experience of drinking wine. It’s the simple result of telling a story and emphasising the enthusiasm or disappointment. 

Telling a story about wine is not easy, which of course is a good thing, as we interpret so individually. Yet we often categorize. Cut to the chase. What wine are we dealing with? What level are we at? Legendary, Great, dull or bad wine. Maybe just daily drinkers

So what are daily drinkers?

First of all it’s a wine with a good” quality to price ratio” (QPR). It’s something we buy in cases and drink it big gulps. The no brainer wine - the wine we always reach out for, when we have no idea what else to drink. The wine, which is never seasonal, but works all year round. It’s also something, which define us. Italian wine aficionado maybe; a Chianti, Rosso di Montalcino, Dolcetto or a Barbera. These wines not only provide our everyday needs – they also keep us in our comfort zone. We have bought these wines, because we know beforehand that we will connect with them.

But when it comes to tastings or special occasions we tend to dress up and explore wines with a higher price tag and presumably also a higher quality and complexity. Rosso di Monalcino becomes a Brunello - Dolcetto or Barbera becomes Barolo. These special events tend to be the bridge to some of our most memorable wine experience. Or are they really? Did John Lennon have a point, when it comes to wine? I think so.

For sure wine obtains an extra dimension, when it breaks the barriers and light up our emotional barometer. But somehow I think daily drinkers deserve the same respect. They are the backbone of our passion. I also like the humbleness, which are essential for these wines. There is something aesthetical about the simplicity they posses and despite the might lack in complexity they can in some cases have a higher degree of presence as you immediately connect with them. And last – but not least, to earn and fit this category they always have the highest degree of drinking pleasure.

Here are some of my favourite daily drinkers – some I drink now – some I have run out of –some are on the radar, some I wonder why I forgot or never bought more of. Price wise less than €20 are ideal, but it could go all the way up to €30 in some cases.


Laherte “Brut Nature”
Tarlant “Brut Zero”
Marie-Courtin “Efflorescence”


Nicolas Carmarans “Selves”
Cyril Fhal “Clos du Rouge Gorge (Blanc)”
Sarnin-Berrux “Bourgogne Aligote”
Yann Durieux “Love and Pif”
Frederic Cossard “Bigotes”
Noella Morantin “Chez Charles”


Arianna Occhipinti “Il Frappato”
Arianna Occhipinti “SP68”
Lamoresca “Nerocapitano”
Vino di Anna “Palmento” 
Yvon Mètras “Fleurie Printemps”
François Saint-Lô “On l’aime nature”
Domaine de la Tournelle “Uva Arbosiana”  
Maxime Magnon "Rozeta" 

….Etc….and I am sure there a lots of wines, which I have either forgot or could fit in.

Let’s end this small session with a wine, which fits this category to perfection: 

2012 Hervé Villemade “La Bodice”

Blend: 80% Sauvignon Blanc, 20% Chardonnay
Location: AOC Cheverny (Loire Valley) town is called Cellettes
Terroir: Sands with flint and flint clays
Age of vines: 33years old
Vinification: Oak and steel
Glass: Zalto Universal

I love this wine – simple as that. It’s trademark and the fist impression is divine zippy freshness, which burst out of the glass with candied citrus and lime zest. But there is also a remarkable secondary understated window with remarkable ripe and lush fruit sensation – such as mango and pineapple, which could very well be driven forward by the Chardonnay grape. Underneath you have some darker baseline, soil and spice driven with fennel and liquorice as the main character (also mentioned on the Hervé Villemade homepage). This is the sort of wine you drink with our without food on any day of the year. If you choose the latter you will discover a phenomenal food-pairing breed, which I have successfully matched up with both a rich salmon dish, chicken in red curry, sushi, gazpacho and even guinea fowl. Great stuff and highly recommended. 


Ben said...

I heartily agree with the spirit of this post! (Even if, here in New York, some of these wines don't apply, costing €40-70: the champagnes, Cossard, Metras and Frappato.)

Thomas said...

Hi Ben,

Sorry for the late reply.

Damn! That's expensive...and I guess New York is first movers, so it's probably likely to hit us at some point.

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Unknown said...

I like the suggestion of using a 'quality to price' ratio to assess everyday wines. Too often I end up choosing the bargain bin options rather than taking the time to select something I'll really enjoy. Really keen to learn more from this blog and improve my wine knowledge and enjoyment of my favourite treat!

Faith Thomas @ The Berry Farm

Unknown said...

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Athalia said...

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