Sunday, October 2, 2016

2010 Cédric Bouchard “Le Creux d’Enfer”

This Friday I hosted a Champagne tasting for my old wine club.

It’s always an extra treat to taste wine with these guys. Though we have our individual preferences we seemed to have joined forces in the appreciation of elegant and lighter wines. We all love to share our designated preferences, but none of us claim to know the true meaning of wine. I regard these rare tasting occasions as the perfect window to share -inspire and be inspired.

Fridays theme was Champagne + a few extras
2012 Benoît Déhu “La Rue des Noyers”
2010 Cédric Bouchard “La Bolorée”
2013 Vouette & Sorbeé “Textures”
2010 Cédric Bouchard “Le Creux d’Enfer”
2010 Jacques Lassaigne “Tirade Rosé”
2008 Agrapart “Venus”
2008 Georges Laval “Les Chênes”
2008 Cédric Bouchard “La Haute-Lemblé”
2011 Benoît Lahaye “Le Jardin de la grosse Pierre”
2010 Jacques Lassaigne “”Autour de Minuit”
1999 Jacques Selosse “Vintage”


2001 Soldera Brunello di Montalcino “Case Basse”
2001 Poggio di Sotto “Il Decnnale

I want to focus on one Champagne in particular, which took us all into wonderland.

2010 Cédric Bouchard “Le Creux d’Enfer”

Blend: 100% Pinot Noir
Terroir: Argilo-Calcaire
Vineyard: 0,032ha  - Lieu-dit west-facing parcel planted in 1994.
Style: Crushed by foot – maceration “Saignée method”
Viciculture: Organic
Dosage: Zero
Production: approx. 550 bottles
Disgorgement: April-2014
Glass: Zalto White Wine

The Champagnes from Cédric Bouchard have never been about a check-box exercise, were you end up with a long list of aromatic notes. Fragmenting is in general irrelevant in my opinion and with Cédric’s Champagnes it’s completely pointless. They always play on a feeling were you focus much more of the overall personality of the Champagne. “Le Creux d’Enfer” is no exception. Sure you have notes of verbena, mild liquorice, roses and some boysenberry. However I am not really sure I got those notes right and it doesn’t really matter. Because the Champagne is the most fragile, complex and delicate Rosé I have ever tasted. “Le Creux d’Enfer” have that sublime perfumes of  “red” and a touch of saltiness, which makes it so appealing. Despite its insane seductive appeal it makes it’s impression with no noise at all. Its understated character signals so much class and fuels it’s graceful profile.
The balance….talk about balance. Never ever have I tasted a rosé with such harmony. The low pressure of Cédric Champages naturally suppresses the bubbles and it’s feeding an almost silky and luxurious mouth feel.

Probably the best rosé Champagne I have ever tasted.


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