Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Long time no see - action is now on Instagram

I am posting on Instagram now. You can follow me here.

Notes are shorter - but images are still done from scratch with my old and bulky camera without any Instagram filters.

Here are some teasers. (Click image to see full size)

(liquid Gold)
(Zalto Magnum)
("Chardonnay" by Cossard - grapes from Ganevat)
(Fantastic Rosé from Marguet)
(Summer and Rosé)
(Arnot-Roberts - Trousseau in the glass)
((Arnot-Roberts - Trousseau)
(Zalto - before the guests arrive)
(Fantastic Rosso di Montalcino from Stella di Campalto)
(Fantastic white from Foradori)
(Foradori and decenting)
(Tirade Rosé from Lassaigne...and me)
(1996 Seloose Vintage)
(L'Artiste 2008)
(David Leclapart)
(The Agraparts)
(Aurelién Lurquin)
(Jérôme Prévost)
(Cédric Bouchard)


Unknown said...

Auuch, Thomas, I just thought that you were going back to the blogosphere, but it was only a teaser....
Pics as crisp and lovely as ever, so I will just have to follow you on Insta.
C ya soon. Merry christmas to you and family.

Thomas said...

Hi Lars,

I wish....and never know if I will write again. For the moment it's not possible.

Yes - see you soon....I also wish you and your family and Merry X-mas.

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