Friday, October 10, 2008

1997 Vilmart "Coeur de Cuvée", Champagne

(Glass; Zalto Champagne)

Very slow starter. Glass 1, 2 where totally closed – and I mean complete shut – nothing came out of the glass, other than shy flowery perfumes and citrus. The taste was likewise, even if the delicate precision of the wine was an underlying theme. But transformation came – and like always with this Champagne it’s a cross between this perfect balance warmth from the oak, which give and immensely appetizing anis note. This note means everything for this Champagne, as all the flowery components, the purity and gracefulness feeds of this warm and sensual anis note – lovely. Once again – a Champagne where the last 2/3 where the absolutely best. PS. This was my last bottle, but I hope to get my hands on the Magnum, which is being released as I write these words.

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