Monday, October 13, 2008

Hotel Almyra Cyprus - family harmony.

was recommended to us by my very good friend, Claus. They stayed at Almyra two years ago and told us it was the perfect spot for parents and children. On Almyras homepage we could see that Almyra oozed of designer class and this was just the type of style we where looking for. Problem with nice – designer and an upper class Hotels is that noisy children and “other” guest do not always integrate. But not at Almyra - here you will find a Hotel where they specialize in pleasing parents and children.

Almyra is in short fantastic and combines family vacation in perfect harmony. I remember saying to my wife – “Children rules here” and this is not far from true. Before you arrive you simply go to the “Baby go lightly” menu at the internet site and order everything you need. You don’t’ have to bring anything – it’s all there, from baby food, dippers, bottle warmers, children buggies… you name it.

The main pool area there is covered with a big white “canvas”, to protect the kids from the sun. You can also take a dip in a small Jacuzzi in the sun and there are also a second small poll area which is covered half in sun, half in shade. You lay comfortable on the sun beds and you can order food and drinks to be served here. Almyra also have two kindergartens (depending on their age).

So if you are reading this and don’t have kids you must think – No way am I going there. But Almyra has thought of this as well. Summer 2008 they opened a new pool area from 16+ years. It’s located by the spectacular Spa and with a small café there – stunning. And remember to pass it by night and check out the pool which changes colors.

Our room was nice – simple minimalist décor and we had interconnecting rooms – which in theory meant that we had two rooms – one for our children and one for mom and dad. Small terrace and you could almost see the sea. You can also go for the Kyma Suite’s but they are mean in price. Be careful if you get a room turning away from the sea and facing the road – I would avoid that if I where you. Cleaning done in the morning and they also come by in the afternoon to see if you are in need of anything.

The food there was my only disappointment – but I am a foodie…so ;-). But let’s starts with the breakfast buffet, which was stunning. Everything was there and I especially liked the small “energizers” made from apple, ginger and melon. The service at the breakfast is top notch – lots of staff there to take care of all the families with need of high chairs for their kids.

The best food we got there (besides the breakfast) was lunch – which we had at “Quzeri” the small and simple restaurant by the sea. Calamari and Chicken kebab – super fresh and light.

At evening you go to Notios – where parents sit in the small boxes/sofas, where the children can play or either fall asleep. Unfortunately I think it was disturbing that they had music playing – not noisy, but a bit to loud for my taste and for my youngest daughter to fall asleep. The food is so so…okay but priced too high. For a wine nerd like me, there was very little to choose. But I have to praise Almyra for good service – you simple hand them your baby milk and without a blink they heat it for you – Kids rules @ Almyra.

We simply went to room service – it was so much easier for us and especially for your 11 month daughter to fall a sleep quietly in the room. The room service food was so so – but service was nice. They handed us small candlelight hurricanes to put on the terrace, which made a cosy atmosphere.

You will also find a small shop at Almyra with, Prada, Miu Miu and other expensive brands. Prices where a little bit lower compared to Denmark.

The surroundings – must confess we went outside the Hotel 3-4 times for water or some candy. The town Pathos is not what you come for here – you come for Almyra.

Overall – I strongly recommend Almyra and especially if you are looking for a cool Hotel for the whole family. We will definitely come back some day.

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