Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2006 K Vintners, Syrah The Deal Sundance Vineyard, Washington, USA

(Glass; Riedel Sommerliers Bordeaux Grand Cru, Decanted 3 hours)

I am slowly coming out of my cold and flu, which has haunted me most of December. So – I needed a wine for my wife’s great veal dish and something with some power to get those taste buds back again. Regrettably my choice of wine was utterly revolting. Let’s start with the alcohol which is 15,5% - a lot more than I am used to and this was a major problem for me. The wines starts fair – with blackberries and some tar, but also an underlying good backbone nerve – which reminded me of iron. With air notes of plum and even over the top notes of prunes starts’ messing with the wine and the wines becomes bold and boring. The taste is seriously hot – the alcohol burns on the palate and it’s killing the food and ruining the drinking pleasure. Over half the bottle is now in the fridge again – and I will have a test again tomorrow – but the odds a seriously for it getting poured into the sink. A worthy candidate for the worst wine I have tasted this year.


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Anonymous said...

I love K Vintners, but I know where you're coming from on this one. It's not a wine I'd share with my mother. There are probably only three people in the world I'd drink this with, and I don't like any of them.

750 mL