Sunday, January 11, 2009

NV, Jean Lallement "Brut", Champagne

(Glasses, Various – Zalto was best)

It would be impossible to write this review without mentioning the price quality ratio of this wine. (I paid 25€ for it, but there is no Danish importer). Compare this NV to all the big houses offerings and you got a bargain – and most importantly a far better product. You immediately sense that this Champagne is Pinot Noir dominated (80% Pinot Noir / 20% Chardonnay) and it has this currant and spice note, plus brownish apples. I found a somewhat disturbing note of hay, which took a lot of balance away from the purity. With time in the glass, it evolves better and a note of chalk and iron took over. The taste has the same spice and dark peppery flavours, which I found a bit disturbing. But this is simply due to the terroir of Verzenay, which is known to have this spicy and peppery style. So for yours truly, which is constantly hunting the ultra clear and delicate wines – it didn’t really do the trick for me. However – now I know what to expect – and with 5 more of these in the cellar – I might be better dressed next time I take a swing with this Champagne.

Tasted 9/1-2009

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Hej Thomas

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2009 for you and your family. Hope you are not feeling under the weather anymore. :-)

I was lucky at Xmas and got a 2004 Ponsot Monts Luisants 1er Cru, 100% Aligoté, because I adore (especially white) Burgundy.

Have you ever tried that?
I hope you can help me, because I only got a single bottle, and I'd like to provide the best conditions for tasting and enjoying it.

I think, I'd like to drink it soon in order to avoid that it misses fruit. But what kind of food to serve with it and most importantly, how long should it air, would you say, to release all the scents and aromas?