Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2005 Vouette et Sorbée, "Blanc d'Argile", Champagne

(Deg. 15/1-2008; Glasses Spiegelau Adina and Zalto Champagne)

I had high expectations before I popped the cork on this Champagne. The 2004 Blanc d'Argile, which I tasted Dec-2008 - was the simple reason for my eager thirstiness to taste this; 2005. The opening of the Champagne is like coming home, and I am slowly beginning to see a pattern emerging, when I encounter a pure and fragile Blanc de Blanc like this. The 2005 is a bit more expressive and rounder, compared to the more linear 2004. In style I would always favor the profile of the 2004. However, all components are in place for the 2005, and with time it will gain the same finesse like the 2004. The super pure and vibrant nose holds a big field of flowers, anise, and dried banana. There is also a brilliant creaminess,which takes its shape of freshly grinded butter and it basically holds all of the components together and takes them to higher ground. Taste is still on the young side, but still immensely appetite, with remarkable Chablis character and acidity. Given the high acidity, it should age really well and it's for sure a great food matching friend. It's simply impossible to say anything bad about this Champagne.

For more information about this brilliant small producer: http://www.vouette-et-sorbee.com/

Tasted 9/3-2009


ned said...

Consider yourself a privileged individual. Yet another item that is essentially unobtainable in the US. Be that as it may, the term "freshly grinded butter" is possibly
intended as freshly "churned" butter... for future reference.
The "dried banana" is not something I can recall from any Champagne. I can't really say if that is appealing.
(no comment on the pun)
I must say you are adept at presenting producers I am most curious to try and yet cannot put my hands on. I really appreciate the notes for that reason.

Thomas said...

Hi Ned,

If I am not mistaken, Vouette et Sorbée is imported by : Domaine Select, New York, NY; tel. (212) 279-0799.

Vouette et Sorbée is not at all easy to get hold of here in Denmark and especially the Blanc d’Argile.

Yes Churned butter is the term. Most important is that it’s not melted butter, as the wine is really slim and extremely fresh. Sorry for my English.

Funny you should mention the banana note; it’s something I have discussed before with the people I drink wine with. Some of them can’t find the note – but for me its there. Can you get these dried fruits in the States – you know where there is dried; Banana, apricot, raisins…etc. If so – stick your nose into a bag like that, and it’s basically that smell I am trying to describe, with banana as the main note. I sometimes use the term baby banana – it’s more or less the same. Baby bananas have a more perfumed smell than a normal banana.

I often find these notes to show up in biodynamic Champagnes, such as Vouette et Sorbée.