Saturday, March 21, 2009

Once again - "Initiale"

(Disgorgement date: 26/10-2006)

Yesterday, home alone - I decided to have something to drink. The early spring vibes are buzzing in the air and my appetite for Champagne is even more on the rise. I decided to have a small talk with an old relative; "Initiale" from Jacques Selosse. I find the bottle variations on Initiale rather high on the same disgorgement dates. I don't now how this is, but this was definitely one hell of a good bottle. To copy cat the man himself, Anselme Selosse - I decided to drink the whole bottle from a white wine glass and follow the Champagne over 4 hours. The glass proved to be excellent and I am particular happy with these Spiegelau"Adina" white wines glasses for Champagne. The opening is fresh and delicate with a smooth pear note, covered in a flowery spectrum with biscuits notes as the side orders. The taste is delicious - with an exceptional mouth coating and gentle mousse feeling. From glass 3-4 the Champagne starts to evolve with these biscuits notes taking a step forward - it's adding to the pleasurable side and given it a more luxurious feel. I then took a break (there is after all alchol in Champagne) and returned an hour later. Uhhh...interesting. The bubbles present for the eye has died down in the glass - but the Champagne is more than alive. Sweeter and more expressive, biscuit note is now vanilla and autolysis notes are appearing and in addition a fascinating mandarin note also came forward. On the palate, the mousse has rested itself somewhat, but it's still present and you now feel how high the acidity actually is. Indeed a very nice bottle.
(Tasted 19/3-2009)


Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas,

I hope Casa Toga is doing fine!

I have a hard-drive crash and therefore no computer at the moment, only an iPod to communicate.

Great piece of writing about the Burgundy-Diner from Claus! Especially the lack of "emotional adjectives" is a kind of role-model for my next writing.

All the best,
Martin "BerlinKitchen"

Thomas said...

Hi Martin,

I am doing fine thank you – besides having a not so good dinner @ Noma this Saturday…I hope it was just a bump on the road….I was seriously not impressed.

I actually looked at your blog yesterday and was wondering what had happened – 10 days without wine….something must be wrong…hehe ;-).

Take care my friend.