Monday, July 27, 2009

1996 Egly-Ouriet Vintage, Champagne

Some weeks back I read some tasting notes on this Champagne, suggesting it was rapid maturing and not only ready for business, but in risk of heading downhill. So – on a recent Friday, with some old School Danish fall – almost winter dish (*sprængt kalvespidsbryst med kartoffelpuré - *no clue what’s that called in English) I opened this bottle. First of all I was immensely happy to see that my choice of food, actually worked pretty okay – another trophy for the food matching abilities of Champagne. Back to the Champagne, which indeed is very open on the nose – oxidized in style, lots of classic autolysis, caramel, dark bread, walnuts and this smooth and glowing style. The personality is rich and broad and the picture should in some way represent the furry side of this style – “Teddy bear style”. Tasting a Champagne of perfect maturity is one thing (and a good thing), but what I missed here was tickly energy. You got a little bit of exotic flowers, almost like a seductive evening perfume, but the soft insinuating style kept it a bit too rich, lacking a bit in sharpness. However, where you never felt it was falling apart was the high 1996 acidity, which brings some sort of freshness to both nose and palate. Overall I would have to say, that I wasn’t jumping up and down, but was fairly pleased. On thing is certain – I see no reason why one should cellar it further.

Tasted July 2009


Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for posting a note on this. Especially since I've bought a few of these bottles and wanted to drink them on a later occasion - meaning saving them for a few years, but it seems that I should get around to drinking them within the nearest future. I'm quite amazed since I thought that many 96´s would be able to age for yet a few years.

BR Morten J

Thomas said...

Hi Morten,

Yes I know what you mean.

The 1996 Vintage is rumored to be a real long distant runner, so I was also surprised.

But I would seriously suggest you at least try a bottle. I have 2-3 left I think and I will drink then within a year or two.

Please post, when you have tasted it.

Best from,