Sunday, July 26, 2009

NV Jacques Selosse, Initiale, Champagne

(Disgorgement date 18/1/2008)

Initial again – yes it’s starting to become boring. Initiale is however a Champagne with enormous bottle variation, beyond the normality of variations the disgorgement dates provide. It comes in variations of zippy fresh bio driven stuff, to rather evolved and even totally flabby at times. This bottle comes somewhere in the middle, but I have to say that I prefer the first category where everything is tickly fresh and packed with new born fruit. It’s no problem that the wines might feel too young, as its still "Selosse" and there will always be some sort of pleaser factor with these wines - from juicy fruit sensations or the vanilla flavours from the oak. To come back to this specific bottle, it was still okay, with a rather evolved character of sour dough, almonds and this glowing oxidized style. On the palate it feels smooth, but I would have liked a bit more energy. Enjoyed mostly outside overlooking the sea – so how wrong could it go.

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