Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NV Jacques Selosse, Rosé, Champagne

(Glass: Adina White wine)

First a big D'OH!!!! As my wife threw the empty bottle out before I could get the disgorgement date (but I have 4 more left from the same case, so I will have it for you next time I pass my cellar).

Secondly - this is sort of a small update on this wine, as I have tasted it already 4 times since February 2009. I have mixed feelings towards this Champagne, as it simply tends to be too much of everything and in most cases have turned out to be a monotone tasting experience. But this bottle is by far the finest version I have had of this wine. I have a strong feeling it's caused by the lower dosage (from 7 >> 4g/l), which brings clarifying balance in place. Make no mistake, this is still Selosse and this is still the insinuating, soft pleasure type of Rosé with sunbeams of lush appealing vanilla fruit with a rhapsody of apricot and strawberry. But the biscuit notes have taken a step back and this is really firming up the wine. Should be noted, that the Champagne was enjoyed during my holiday, overlooking the sea a eating awesome Italian Antipasti from Zunino. So I was for sure susceptible and a very easy target.

Tasted July 2009


Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas

Wow, you drink a lot of this Selosse Rosato considering that you're not in love with it!

I'm glad to see that you have discovered Zunino - they are really dedicated to quality at a fair price. Anne and Elvio are really nice people too (disclaimer: and I'm fortunate to know them).


Thomas said...

Hi Ulrich,

Imagine your favorite band releasing their new CD and you can’t believe how bad it actually is. But sometimes you just have to listen to it over and over again, and maybe it will become better. That’s how I sometimes feel about this Pinky thing from Selosse…hehe.

How funny – my wife knows Anne I have also met her and Elvio at a private party, as some of our friends are best friends with them. They are indeed very nice people.

Great place, unfortunately there is a looooong way from Køge to Rungsted ;-(.

Anonymous said...

It's a small World....

Great analogy - I'm a longstanding fan of the rock band Weezer (15+ years), so unfortunately I know what you mean ;-)