Sunday, September 6, 2009

1996 Deutz, Cuvée William Deutz Rosé, Champagne

After the rather disappointing “Cicala” experience, I played a safe card – a Rosé Champagne and one of my absolutely favorites.

It has been almost a year since I tasted this brilliant Rosé. I was rather curious to taste it, as I remember having a ridiculous good bottle about 20 months ago, but also had 2-3 rather reserved bottles right after. Also, to my own curiosity; – I have tasted a lot of different rosé’s since and sometimes the whole Rosé thing puzzles me, as some are just red Tutti Frutti stuff and other are aggressive macerated things (if to rudely generalize). This is in short a fantastic Rosé, which really benefits from the unheard high 1996 acidity. It cuts through the wine like a samurai sword and gives a unique balance. The fruit is so creamy, red-berry scented and with the acidity playing along it takes the elegance and nerve almost to perfection. It’s still young and I can easily see it gain more complexity over the years, as fruit, concentration and acidity are of highest quality. Every single glass was pure pleasure and not only does it give credit to this wine, but also once again marks Champagne (for me) as being the worlds best drink.

If to drop one drop of skepticism in the glass, it would be the level dosage (even if I am speculating). The last glass demonstrates that it’s rather sweet or is it? Certainly, that’s how if felt like. Maybe it’s just a mind game for me, as it certainly sweeter than I am used to. I could be wrong and it being just perfect ripe fruit. So if anyone out there knows how much dosage this Champagne has seen, I would be very interested to know.

All in all – a stunning Champagne.

Glasses: Juhlin, Adina, Zalto – everything worked.


Dan Samsøe said...

Sounds like a nice experience.

Well it's a brut so between 6 and 15g :-) hehe.

Thomas said...

Hehe, Dan ;-).

Voodoo Child said...

Well Thomas,

You have been introduced to the extra Brut and Non-dosage, so you are getting the same sugar intolerance as me, that´s all I can say.

I have one bottle and I won´t touch it for years.

Voodoo Child

Thomas said...

Hi Ebbe,

Hehe….I am not that conclusive about dosage and don’t see it as an evil (as you), but will gladly admit that my sweet-spot has moved a bit during the last year ;-).

This is still a great bottle of Champagne.

Best from,


Voodoo Child said...

I had it yesterday, a monothome applejuice, I didn't know this company was owned by Roederer . I Can really feel the overdosage it is near 7g/l or more...

Thomas said...

Hi Ebbe,

Somehow I knew this was not for you.