Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NV Jacques Selosse, V.O. Version Originale

100% Chardonnay
Dosage: Usually 0 g/l (but can go up to 3 g/l)
Production: 3.600 bottles
Vineyards location: Avize, Cramant and Oger (the upper part of the vineyards)
Blend: 3 vintages
Aged on the lees: almost 4 years
Disgorgement date: 18. November 2008

I keep claiming Version Originale (V.O.) from Selosse is the worth the extra cost, compared to “Initiale”. So with the fresh memory of Initiale in my mind and sort of putting my money where my mouth is, I popped a Version Originale after a challenging week at work (poor me).

Let’s just jump right into this bottle, as I am dying to tell you about it. It was fan-fucking-tastic…excuse me, but yes…man I was flying. The nose is just utterly sensational – an apple rush, with ripe fruit, honey, cider, lime and the most divine oak perfumes of vanilla, biscuits and smoke. To top it off, it has these “bio” rhythms, which brings small aromas of baby banana into the pot. It’s texture and mousse is as soft as baby skin, which under normal circumstances could result in lack of grip and nerve, but no no no – not here. Its overall profile is so refined and subtle. But the real secret is ripe fruit and low dosage…okay…here we go again, the old tiring EVIl dosage debate. But listen, it actually feels sweet on the nose, not on the palate. This is rather stimulating for the drinking pleasure, as you never get this sticky feeling on the palate from the dosage, but get the ripe, adorable and complex fruit components on the nose, where they belong in my opinion. Once again a Champagne which handled pretty high temperatures without lack of focus and freshness.

Oh yes, V.O. is worth the extra penny.

Tested in 4 different glasses; Juhlin, Zalto, Riedel Sommeliers and Spiegelau Adina “Red wine”. This small test will be included in the material for “The ultimate glass test” (I tell you it was interesting – one glass was the clear winner)


Torben said...

Amazing blog, especially for a champagne geek like me.
Thank you very much!!!

Thomas said...

Thank you, Torben – and likewise, just had a look at your blog.

Tonight I will drink something really rare and totally new (Champagne of course)

More later.

Best from,