Sunday, February 28, 2010

2001 Bruno Giacosa "Barbaresco Asili"

Decanted 4 hours
Glass: Riedel Sommeliers "Burgundy Grand Cru"

Call it a state of panic to open a wine like this. The chance of facing a wine, which was far from its maturity window, was certainly present, but even so I decided to go with it. You see - my recent Italian wine experiences have been so so. Not horrifying bad, but far from great and I see my old love fading and turning into my ex-girlfriend. Of course Champagne is the main reason for me to feel like this, but I have also reached a personal fatigue towards Italian wines made from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or even Syrah. Even Sangiovese made in a modern style with way too much use of new oak, is not doing much to me.
So if there is anyone who can bring me back on track, it’s “Bruno”, not matter how young the wine might be.

It’s young, despite the long decanting time – even though it has opened it up somewhat. When I taste I wine like this, I immediately search for red fruit – as I am a sucker for it. It’s there – but shield in dust, tar and spices. However there is a bonus - a floral component of violets and it’s exactly as classic as I had hoped for and I suddenly feel the Forza Italia drums beating in my heart again. Taking a closer look at the “nose” it’s razor sharp – linear and it has perfect focus and definition. The taste is extremely dry, almost painful (but me like) – but with a perfect curl around the tongue, cleaning the palate – ready for the next sip.

So what I am saying. Way too young, but I was happy – very happy and when Italian wines are like this, I can easily be seduced again.


Voodoo Child said...

The big monsters !!
Looking forward to the final judge!
I´m having a very hard time with nebbiolo.

E said...

Looking forward to this TN! Had a lovely PDB Barbaresco Rio Sordo yesterday which was just starting to mature, lovely!

Thomas said...

Well Ebbe…as you can see I liked the wine. I like nebbiolo a lot, but the alcohol can sometimes be too much when having a whole bottle.

Erik – I haven’t had the 2001 Barbaresco Rio Sordo from Produttori del Barbaresco, but I think Bruno Giacosa usually are wines made for the long long run.