Monday, April 26, 2010

NOMA Update - Worlds best restaurant

Noma has just been voted Number 1 (The World’s 50 Best Restaurant)

It’s insane.

You can argue whether such a list can have a valid say and I have never personally been in favour of top this and that. Sort of naming the world’s best wine.

But I can assure you, that for Denmark, Nordic food and especially the Noma crew it means the world. It’s a giant step in unfolding the Nordic food chest and telling a story which has just begun.

One thing is for certain – it will be impossible to get a table there now. I will visit again 19th of June – what about you?

Champagne is required now – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!


Voodoo Child said...

I´m not a admirer of NOMA, I just noticed that La Pergola is 97!!
Per Se is 10 and French Laundry is 32....I just don´t get it!

Thomas said...

Well, Ebbe – as said, such a list can be very useful for some and complete rubbish to others.

In the case of Noma, I would say, that I can understand and respect, that one’s personal preferences are heading towards more classic restaurants. But I think it’s a mistake, just to make a snapshot of Noma and say the food is like this and that. The many dinners I have had there, clearly shows how different the season changes, what’s on the plate. Spring is my favorite period, where everything flowers.

On top of that, René Redzepi is always trying new things out.

I wish I could say – why not try it, but I know it’s expensive and it will properly be impossible to get a table there.


Voodoo Child said...

Hi Thomas,
I will put my money in other restaurant wont be meeting me there...I find it too minimalistic and somehow religious...I need the full throttle!!

good food said...

I liked what René said in one of the interviews that the list represents something that at lot of people find interesting and intriguing. And that René and noma is able to put Denmark on the landmark and inspire so many people is so admirable, I believe. We all benefit from it, I think.

My next visit is also 19th of June ;-)
Only 2nd time I'm there on a Saturday evening actually.

Thomas said...

I think you are right, Trine.

I hope it also means that, the other restaurants will actually have some financial success, as they can evolve and we don’t have to fear that we will loose talented restaurants like Geranium and Ensemble in future.

Ahhh….how great, that you will also be @ Noma the 19th of June. Perfect – I can relax 110% - I know you will shoot great images of the food and Noma will be performing their very best, when they know the no. 1 “Foodie” and the drunken wine blogger is on the guest list.

See you ;-).