Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NV Marie-Courtin "Efflorscence", Champagne

100% Pinot Noir
Base: 2006 Vintage (+ reserve wine from 2005)
Dosage: 0 g/l
Glass: Several / mostly Spiegelau Adina “Red wine”

My work is crazy these days – it’s to a degree of insanity and I have a hard time to really get down in tempo and focus on wine.

So - home alone on a Friday I assumed Champagne was the right cure - and I set my eyes on a bottle, which I have tasted about 6 times now – but seldom at home. I ended up drinking it over 2 days.

I love this Champagne for it’s sleek elegancy. The nose posses beautiful fragile aromas of Pinot Noir – such as cherry stones and even the aroma of popcorn are present. There is a second spectrum of darker scented berries, which even takes the shape of dark bitter chocolate. The taste is silky, feminine and the minerality feels like a warm elastic clay soil expression.

A Champagne both for laid back elegant drinking pleasure – but also a very intellectual Champagne – with a lot of feminine curves.

Loved it – once again.


Nanna Wang Carlsen said...

Sounds like a champagne of my taste. I'll have to check if it retails here in San Francisco.

Have you tried any Californian sparkling wines? (or is that considered blasphemy for at true Champagne addict?) :-)

Thomas said...

Hi Nanna,

Oh yes – it’s blasphemy – there can be only one true bubbly wine ;-).

Seriously –I have only tasted the wines from Schramsberg – and was really positive surprised. But we are talking 6 years or so, since I tasted them - and back then I wasn’t a Champagne junkie. I actually have a 1996 Scramsberg BdB in my cellar – which I have planned to use as a funny joker in a blind tasting event.

Best from,

Voodoo Child said...

Hola Thomas,
After 14 days in sunny Spain, I´m back again on the Champagne track!I have never really liked Marie-Courtin´s Champagnes, but instead been very happy with Lassaigne´s especially his Pinot Noir "Les Papilles Insolittes" had it yesterday just after arriving from my journey...WOW, have you had the latest release, if not go for it!

Thomas said...

Welcome back, Ebbe.

Good to hear you are back on the Champagne track – Spanish wines are a waste of time…hehe ;-).

Of course I have had "Les Papilles Insolittes" – but it’s been some time. I will check out the latest release when I pass our mutual Champagne pusher.

Have you seen the new shop?

Voodoo Child said...

Hola Thomas,
I went to the shop just before it opened and again after
it official was declared open, wonderful place...How was the Fri Vin event?
PS: Spanish wines are really great , not like those Italian low life, look-a-likes...;-)

Thomas said...

Hehe….I’ll bet there is a lot of good Spanish wines out there…and I am confident I haven’t tasted them yet. I used to buy of lot of these high rated Parker wines – but I just can’t drink them anymore. I still think Vega Sicilia is a great wine – but the price tag is of course also dreadful high.

Yes – it’s a beautiful shop.

Sun is shining….finally.