Saturday, December 18, 2010

2007 Vouette et Sorbée "Blanc d'Argile"

Blend: 100% Chardonnay
Production: Roughly 2.500 bottles
Ages on vines: 10 years
Vineyard: "Biaune" (Western Exposure)
Soil: Kimmeridgian marl
Disgorged: 12. January 2010
Dosage: 0 g/l
Glass: Spiegelau Adina "Red Wine"

It’s important, when I am drinking wine at home, that the experience will be more a result of relaxing with the wine and not a hard-core analysis of the wine.

However here, with the 2007 Blanc d’Argile, I did the exact opposite and tasted the wine over 2 days without food, solely writing notes and focusing more detailed, than I usually do. I did it, because I knew this wine would be way too young and not exactly friendly. This is in fact the case, but I tell you it’s a fascinating wine, but also a very demanding wine.

The nose comes out rock hard, only with greenish apples, baby banana and a very “bio” driven. Like with the 2006 vintage of this wine, the oak is beautiful controlled, only giving character in the background and providing depth and never taking focus. But it also means, there is no immediate appealing help from seductive oak perfumes. But in the long run, this is - in my humble opinion – a big plus for this wine.

Taste is frightful demanding – almost poor and spartan, as it’s so incredible dry and harsh on the finish line. However, the purity, energy and soil attack makes you listen and wanting a second fill.

On day 2, the apples scents had some grease added and brilliant notes of hay and straw comes forward. However, what I found most appealing was to give the Champagne a big spin in the glass, making the mousse completely die – but only realizing what a beauty you have in front of you and what rewarding potential there will be for the patient taster.

Cellar my friends – for maybe 5 years or so.


S Lloyd said...

I never tried the "2007 Vouette et Sorbée "Blanc d'Argile"". I'll check if I can find it here in Montreal. Or else, I'll wait after my next visit to Paris. I will try booking a dinner at Senderens which I believe serves this wine

Thomas said...

Go for it, S Lloyd ;-).