Monday, May 2, 2011

Terres et vins de champagne 2011 - Intro

(They are not all here - Françoise Bedel and David Léclapart is missing)

Dear readers, I have so many things I want to tell you about Terre et vins de Champagne 2011.
However, before we dig into the liquid stuff, let me first do a small reflection, after having set foot on Danish soil again.
The real mojo of Terre et vins de Champagne is the 18 producers, which together form a ring of strong friendship, which doesn’t make Champagne a contest, but a diversified landscape of strong personalities. There is an aura of pride and history writing over Terre et vins de Champagne, which shows the true passion and craftsmanship of a Champagne grower. There is humbleness from all producers, which gives a calm and informal atmosphere. It brings forward the essence of the matter, where all who have an interest, can chime in to a frequency, which is passionate and friendly. I hope I can come back every single year to this event, because it makes me proud to see how the producers together, manages to send the message, that there is more to Champagne than just a strong brand.
So let start by a big SALUTE!!! For 2011 - see you in 2012.
To come:
Part 1: Pre-dinner: “Les ateliers Mets et Vins de Champagne” 18 Champagnes in the companionship of 18 tapas dishes.
Part 2: Terre et vins de Champagne 2011

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