Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Zalto Slim Line

Warning: High geek factor!!!!

About a month ago a good friend served me some nice wines in the Zalto Burgundy glass. I am confident this glass has to be my favourite wine glass of all wine glasses, simply because it’s the glass I wash up mostly. For the type of wines I drink this glass brings out - like no other - aromatic beauty, zippy freshness and superb handling.

Back to my good friend, who was kind to pour me some Chambolle-Musigny from Pacalet in this glass, which I quickly discovered had quite a significant profile than I was used to. The difference was the weight and far slimmer stem. The handling was stunning – even better than the glass I already considered close to perfection.

Things is – when the glass is as light as this, it’s really more about the wine than the glass, because you feel so close to the wine. With this ultra slim stem, the glass feel like a really tight, vibrant and energetic bow ready to show its arrow.  

Being the glass geek I am, I had to know more about this glass and this line in general. Was it just a result of individual hand made glasses or had Zalto in fact changed something?

I contacted them and immediately received a reply back with the message;  Zalto are always trying to make their glasses better and it could very well be that my “old” glasses was higher in weight". They also wrote that there are limits on how light they go, because the glass will become unstable and eventual break.

Now that reply was enough for me to make a reservation on a six-pack (don’t tell my wife) with a small desire of Zalto selecting the thinnest stems available.

4 days later the package arrived with 6 perfect Zalto Burgundy glasses. Now I have tried all 6 glasses since and they are absolutely brilliant.

Now I have never weighed my glasses, but borrow my mother in law baking weight to see how light these beauties were. The 6 new Zalto Burgundy glasses I received ranged from 111g <> 122g, where my old Zalto Burgundy ranges from 158g <> 200g.

Other glasses and their weight (I haven’t weighed all of them, but in general the number refers to the lightest glass I have)  

Spiegelau Adina Burgundy: 155g
Riedel Sommeliers "Burgundy Grand Cru": 212g
Spiegelau Willsberger collection "Burgundy": 205g
Zalto Bordeaux: 157g
Zalto Champagne: 88g

I think was all from the Geek-cave. 

Take care out there ;-).


William said...

I have Zalto glassets ranging between 143 and 161 g. This must be a step in between yours in the Zalto evolution.

Kasper said...

I'm in love with my Zalto Universal glasses and can add that they weigh in at 101 to 110g. Quite surprising with that amount of variation and especially the weight reduction over time.


Kristina said...

I´m using Zalto Burdundy glasses in my restaurant and I have witnessed breaking few..of course by accident. It´s amazing how fragile they are. But every client just loves those glasses.

Cheers! Good reading it was.

Ben said...

My two Zalto Burgundy glasses are 125 g and 152g in weight. I look forward to buying a lighter one in the future! The 4 Zalto White Wine Glasses I own vary between 95-105g.

Thomas said...

Just back for Terres et vins de Champagne…hope to report soon….but I have 200 images in RAW-format to process…auch!!!

Thank you all for chiming in with the difference in weight – I guess it’s the beauty of handmade. Overall it seems like the weight is definitely coming lower.

About breaking a glass, which over time has happened 3 times for me with Zalto Burgundy – but it has been almost a year since the last incident.

I found out they broke every time I washed (I always wash by hand) the outside of the glass. I grabbed the glass on the stem, tipped it almost horizontal and washed the sides. When you do this, be very careful how much you press with dishwashing brush on the sides of the glass. Just a little too much and they brake. Ever since I found out what I did wrong, not a single glass have broken for me.

Man this is turning really geeky now…;-)

Best from,

Tobias said...

Hi Thomas

Just wanted to say thanks for yet another brilliantly nerdy entry - I read every one!

Query: where do you buy your Zalto glasses?


Voodoo Child said...

Hi Thomas,
You nerdy bastard, glass weight (have you gone mad in general, not only wine) the glass shape is all unless you have weak arms or hands??
I have been using Zalto for well at least 5 years, you just can`t get a better glass!
As you have noted(I guess) lead-free, dish wash machine proof, I always do the cleaning in the machine then rinse in hot water and dry safely, have crashed some because of a sudden dry cloth. But comparing to all those Riedels I have crashed this is nothing.
My Porno Champagnes "Les Impitoyables" weights almost a ton , are ugly and destroy the wine!!
Clearly Burgundy is their best red wine and white wine glass, Champagne goes with White wine or Champagne, Universal is something I have but only use for sherry!
Bordeaux works with Italian wine , but I seldom drink wines from Italy.
These days everything is from France....and some Sherry!
Have fun in your search for anything you like.

Andrew said...

Has anyone noticed a difference in shape of the Zalto burg glasses?

I have two I bought in Feb that are slightly more angled. The new ones I just bought in July seem to have a shorter bowl and also less angled sides.

Have they changed the design as well??

Personalized Wine Glasses said...

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HOJ said...

The stem so easyly brake. If you dont know how to handle right. Why dont the salesman in the shop warn you. Why are there not some kind of washinstruktion with the glas. It a rather lot of money waisted when you stand with your Zalto in two parts.