Saturday, February 14, 2009

NV Egly-Ouriet "Blanc de Noirs Vieille Vigne", Champagne

(Disgorgement Aug-2006 – Glass; Zalto)

It’s almost a paradox drinking Champagne like this. The day before I had L’Amateur from David Leclapart – a Champagne, which profile almost reminded me of frozen Evian. The Blanc de Noirs from Egly-Ouriet is as far as you can get from frozen Evian and what some would (and what I would have said only a year back) call “real” Champagne. But these days – I am not so sure, what is “real” anymore. Coming back to the wine in the glass here, the wine is like a big Teddy Bear – soft and round and you just want to hug it. The fruit core consists of a glowing oxidized style of walnuts, sourdough, caramel and spices. I also detected a note of mint – which took the overall quality to a higher ground and kept if from being heavy. The taste is really dense with a mouth coating, smooth and creamy style. Overall I liked it, and it’s a high quality Champagne – and this disgorgement is definitely one of the better I have had. The only thing I would say is that the wine never changed from start to finish and the tasting experience doesn’t get so intellectual and authentic, like some of the other Champagnes, which I have tasted recently.


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