Saturday, February 21, 2009

Domaine Catherine & Dominique Derain “Allez Goûtons” Burgundy France

(Glass, Spiegelau Adina White wine)

I am not even sure if the title of this wine is correct and I can’t even see any vintage on it. This is the sort of wine that makes you laugh a bit. At first you think – this is not serious, but slowly the wine creeps under your skin and you come to think; “why not?” and the laugh is replace with a smile.

Let’s have a look what’s inside.

This 100% biodynamic wine still had some carbon oxide left and it’s fairly blurry with a lot of yeast sitting on the bottom of the bottle. The nose is utterly pure, insanely fresh with newly pressed green apple juice, white flowers and mint leafs. With this carbon oxide and only holding 10.7% alcohol it could easily have been mistaken for a cider. As the wine opens up it gains some warmth from a wet stone note and a tiny oily factor of newly baked croissants. Even here in February – and it was even snowing outside, you can't help to get summer feelings on your retina. The taste drops very short, very light and has extremely high acidity.

So – imagine a summer day on the terrace. You start with this wine as an aperitif or even serve it with a green gazpacho soup, seasoned with lime juice – and I bet your guests will be smiling of the simplicity of this wine and the storytelling behind it.

Thank you for the bottle, Mads.

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