Monday, June 1, 2009

1998 Vilmart "Coeur de Cuvée"

I have tasted this Champagne 3 or 5 times I think. I still like it a lot, but there was something here, which toned my appreciation a notch down. Let's start with the positive things. It's still a very lush Champagne (both nose and palate), showing incredible smoothness and it has even got a good solid level of complex layers. Go back in the archives and I think you will find words like; "appetite" for this Champagne. One factor I missed though for this to come true was the level of anise, which I tend to find in "Coeur de Cuvée" and a note which can make everything shine for me. The level of vanilla flavors, smoke, butter are unfortunately pitched a fraction higher than the clarity and freshness here - and this takes the overall tasting experience a bit down for me. Overall though - it's still high quality stuff, just not magical this night. 

Tasted May-2009

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