Sunday, July 11, 2010

2007 Fanny Sabre "Savigny-les-Beaune"

Sometimes I really regret not having started earlier with red Burgundy. There is still lot’s of time – I know, but even today I tend to hold back somewhat, because I know it will cost me a mean buck, if I throw myself deeply into that chapter. Unfortunately - having a passion for wine is also about moderation. As Mark twain said: "Man should practice moderation in all things, including moderation". That quotation always makes me feel a better person – when I live up to it….yeah right ;-).

In the glass we have young talented Fanny Sabre, which wines I have encountered a few times before. I can guarantee you, that it’s not the last time I taste her wines. This wine is so fine. Extremely feminine - ballerina light on it’s toes, it dances with notes of bright red fruit which take associations to raspberry skin flavours – but you also have most delicate note of orange blossoms. There is a small film of earthy notes – it’s almost like forest dust and you should think it’s making the wine a bit more rustic – but No. It’s has the opposite effect, of making the fruit components even more subtle with more edge. Taste delivers the feminine style from of the nose and it curls with splendid purity and mineral freshness.

Loved it and will defiantly buy some more Fanny Sabre wines…just a few…yes yes, Mark…moderation moderation….

Glass: Zalto Burgundy

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